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According to the ‘Ship Manifest’, on the 6th September 1865, the family of Ernst and Caroline Richter with their children, Auguste; Wilhelm; Louise; Pauline; Hermann; Ernst; Carl and Gustav arrived in Brisbane Australia aboard the ship Susanne Godeffroy’.

On the 3rd March 1884, one son, Hermann Charles Ernest Richter, now 28 years of age married Elizabeth Caroline Roberts, 18 years of age at Ravenswood in Queensland.

Hermann Richter, son of Ernest Richter was born in Berlin Prussia – part of Germany. Caroline Roberts was from Rockhampton in Queensland.

Five years later (1889), Herman and Elizabeth Richter gave birth to a son and named him Robert Gustav Richter.
Due to a lack of information, we don’t know if Herman and Elizabeth had other siblings.

After some 30 years had past, Robert Gustav Richter, a butcher, now living in Ayr in north Queensland, and wife, Louisa Nina Richter (formerly Oss), had a daughter. Unfortunately she passed away at an early age. Shortly after, on the 11th October 1920, they had a son and called him Robert Murray Richter.
On 22nd July 1941, Robert Murray Richter married Una Ellen Hart at the ‘Ann Street Church’ in Brisbane. Robert and Una Richter had eight children during their marriage – Raelene; Robert; Noreen; Robin; Susan; Christine; Ross and Morris.

During the second world war, Robert (Bob) Richter served in the Australian Armed Services, where among other duties, he acquired the skills that made him follow a career in the motion picture industry as a film projectionist. He passed away at the age of 75 years on 27th October 1995 at Greenslopes Private Hospital in Brisbane.

Robert Murray Richter